Orissa Plasto Pipes Pvt Ltd was established in 1994 with the aim of manufacturing PVC pipes in Odisha and today, it caters to the needs of millions of households in plumbing and borewell accessories. With over three decades of history, the firm has specialised in providing efficient, sustainable, and innovative products in the PVC pipe manufacturing industry. The ace entrepreneur behind this successful venture is Kaushal Poddar, managing director of Orissa Plasto. After completion of his education, Poddar joined his father’s business in 1997 and took it to new heights. In a conversation with Orissa POST, Poddar shares his entrepreneurial experience.

Orissa Plasto has been a prominent name in the PVC pipe manufacturing industry. How do you see your demand in the odisha market?

We started our production in 1994 from our Jagatpur Industrial Estate plant and this is the 30th year of our operations. The plant runs round the clock for 365 days in full capacity to feed the market demand in entire Odisha and Jharkhand. Today Orissa Plasto is the top brand in its product category with annual turnover of more than 100 crore as well as daily sales of over 2,000 sanitary and hardware shops across 30 districts of the state. The brand manufactures PVC, UPVC, SWR, HDPE, CPVC pipes and fittings, and Garden Hoses as well as hot and cold water application for use in agricultural, residential and commercial projects.

With multiple players present in the industry, what difference is your brand offering?

Orissa Plasto has always offered top quality products with guaranteed life-long durability. We always focus on best quality products in reasonable prices for our customers. Our products are completely ‘Made-inOdisha’ and are manufactured with the use of latest technologies.

How do you tackle the raw materials crunch?

We do not face any kind of raw material crunch as we have signed annual quantity MoUs with our suppliers. We also import our raw materials and maintain proper raw material stocks.

With over three decades of experience in this business, how do you deal with challenges?

I think if you are in a business for long time, it leads to expertise and develops a trust for the brand in the mind of the consumers. We have overcome the challenges of primary phase and as an entrepreneur one should always be ready to face any challenge that comes their way in the journey.

As the managing director of this brand, how has your journey been so far? Do you have any expansion plans in pipeline?

I was appointed director in 2005 and since then my prime objective is expansion, growth, addition and diversification. Industry means growth by volume and the scale of production shows the future of the brand. Since 2005, we are continuously expanding our production capacity and adding new range of products to cater the diversified needs of the market which changes with the time. If we are not updated, we will be outdated. We are coming up with two new production facilities in Jagatpur Industrial Estate in which we will add new products in our basket like water tanks, PVC suction hose, LLDPE flat hoses, PVC braided hose, HDPE fittings & PPE fittings, which will be in market by 2025.

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