Business Eminence Awards 2024

Business Eminence Awards 2023

Success is as much about emerging victorious by defeating all odds, as it is about setting new benchmarks and breaking stereotypical boundaries. Successful business leaders continuously strive to make their mark and ignite minds and spirits of others to follow suit. Such luminaries deserve to be known and lauded for their work and contributions.

The post pandemic situation has had lasting effects on the global economy and this crisis has also catalyzed some huge changes. Some industries are being reformed, restructured while many others have perished too. At this critical juncture, some entrepreneurs from Odisha have stood out and grown their businesses in the toughest of times.

Dharitri and OrissaPOST have undertaken an initiative to highlight and celebrate the successes of regional business leaders who have shone while facing tough challenges. Business Eminence Awards is an effort to shine the spotlight on the successful journey of entrepreneurs in Odisha as a way and means to boost the business environment in the state and galvanise the spirit of entrepreneurship. The Business Eminence Awards will take place this year on 18th March 2023 where successful entrepreneurs will be awarded.

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Business Eminence Awards 2022

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