Sidharth TV is a go-to place for fresh and new premium entertainment content for viewers in Odisha. It has a legacy of over 3-decades in entertaining the people of the state with innovative and new entertainment content, all the while – staying grounded to its cultural heritage and roots. Helmed by the creative and determined mind of Sitaram Agrawal, MD of Sidharth TV Network, the venture has scripted many success stories in Odisha’s entertainment landscape. The channel offers a mixed platter of premium and exclusive contents – from mega serials, reality shows to infotainment. In a conversation with Orissa POST, Agrawal shares his entrepreneurial journey.

Could you please shed some light on your early life?

I was born in Puri and spent my school life there. At that time there was a beautiful atmosphere of music and drama in Puri. In addition, regular classical music, modern songs, Odissi songs and plays were also staged. I used to attend those programmes along with my father. Gradually, I developed an interest in music, which later became more intense.

How did your professional life begin?

I shifted to Cuttack to pursue my studies at Ravenshaw College and stayed with my father. Under the shade of blankets, I started my first studio in 1981 when I was in my first year of B.Com. Thereafter, with the blessings of my father Satyanarayan Agrawal, I set up JE Cassette Company in 1983. It was the success of this venture that took us forward. After that, many cassettes of traditional songs, dance music, folk dramas etc were released, giving JE Cassette the recognition and respect of a traditional cultural company.

Can you tell us about your business journey?

We started Sarthak Music in 1999 after the tremendous success of JE Company. With the support of my singer-wife Namita Agrawal, we achieved one success after another. From 2010, we entered the world of television from a music company and started Sarthak TV. Cinema production and other projects are also going on.

Why did you choose the world of entertainment instead of any other business?

I have said from the beginning that my love for music, dance and drama began in Puri. When I decided to pursue a career in business, I chose entertainment instead of a job. One might say that I have an incredible weakness for music in particular. My life is music so I chose this profession.

What are the challenges you faced so far?

There is no life without challenges. One must always accept challenges in order to become successful. The medium of entertainment is continuously evolving. In every 10 years, the taste of listeners and viewers are also changing, and we have come from the age of records and cassettes to YouTube at present. One has to accept change and prepare accordingly.

How has been the journey of your channel so far?

Four channels of Sidharth TV Network are currently broadcasting a bouquet of programmes. Sidharth TV, Sidharth Bhakti, Sidharth Gold and Jay Jagannath TV are completely entertainmentbased channels, broadcasting mega serials, movies and competitive reality shows etc.

What message would you like to give to budding entrepreneurs?

The new generation is very talented. They also have a lot of enthusiasm. But they have to pay attention to the ground realities since passion and enthusiasm alone won’t help to achieve the desired results.

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