Over the years, Kasturi Flour Mill Pvt Ltd has gained immense expertise in food manufacturing and supply of packaged food products. Known for its quality, it is one of the leading manufacturer in the category of energy food products or chhatua in Odisha. Suresh Chandra Patro, founder and director of Kasturi Flour Mill, started this journey in 1995. With strong determination, he increased the scale of this venture and has made his name in the business world. His early business days started with a small flour mill with an objective of fulfilling the needs of his family and an aim to achieve big in the field of manufacturing of indigenous food products of Odisha. In a conversation with Orissa POST, Mr Patro gives a sneak-peek into his journey so far.

How is the demand for Kasturi products in the market?

Currently the demand for Kasturi products is good in the market as we always strive to provide quality food products and meet customers’ demands. Though there are other players in the market, we have our loyal customer base. We manufacture our products using the latest machinery and our products are completely free from any human touch.

What is the specialty of your brand?

We always give utmost importance to providing clean and quality food products to our customers, because a brand’s recognition depends on these attributes. Even food manufacturers have to maintain transparency and integrity to gain the trust of consumers. Once consumers start questioning the quality of food, the value of the brand is gone. That’s why we always give priority to providing high quality products and fulfilling customer demand.

What products of the brand are available in the market?

At present, we have a variety of chhatua (sattu) and atta products in the market. We are making various products for different categories of customers, from toddlers to senior citizens. Select chakki atta and sattu are also available for diabetic patients. Kasturi brand has taken a special place among the consumers surpassing other brands in major cities of Odisha and the demand is also rising in the national market.

Being the founder of Kasturi, how important is customer satisfaction?

In the food business, the customer and the product act as both sides of a coin. Quality products and reliability are given utmost importance. Customer feedbacks and suggestions are important to further improve food quality and brand demand. We also focus on customer needs and their reviews on the brand, both on-premises and digital platforms, for continous product development and business growth.

Do you have any expansion plans?

Any brand expands to stay ahead of the curve. Success without expansion is difficult. We are focused to capture new markets and increase penetration in our existing areas to meet consumer demand. Similarly, the demand for our products is increasing in Odisha as well as in neighbouring states. Therefore, we are going to increase our presence both on online and offline platforms to reach out to our consumers.

What would be your message for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Today, it is very easy to start a business, but there is a huge lack of tolerance among the youth. There is a need to focus on quality and hard work along with gaining experience before entering the food industry. While the government provides every help for the industry, young entrepreneurs can succeed if they can make time and transparency their key mantras for business.

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