Torrent Advertisers is one of the leading and largest advertising agencies situated in Bhubaneswar. Started three decades back, the organisation has garnered reputation as an excellent, quality conscious and responsible outdoor media house. With an appetite for business, Niranjan Dash, managing partner of Torrent Advertisers, started this journey out of curiosity. After relentless hard work with a commitment to cater to the growing demand, Torrent Advertisers has carved a niche for itself in the outdoor advertising space. In a conversation with Orissa POST, Dash gives an insight into his entrepreneurial experience.

How is the demand for outdoor advertising in Odisha market?

Outdoor advertising is always in demand because it has many special features and an independent customer base. Nowadays, both outdoor and indoor advertising are in good condition with the customers placing more emphasis on quality service and products. In particular, we provide our clients with high-quality work and unique capabilities through our experienced human resources and cutting-edge technology.

What is the uniqueness of your brand in the market?

Brand exclusivity is the key to staying ahead in the market. In particular, we focus on transparency and timeliness while providing differentiated thinking and quality services to meet customer demands and market needs. While both domestic and national brands are operating in the state, we are currently considered the best in the market.

What is the difference between outdoor and indoor advertising?

There are many differences between outdoor and indoor advertising as both have particular customer bases. As there are all kinds of customers in the industry, there is a lot of discussion between advertising agencies and service providers. The providers take the necessary steps in consultation with the best service providing advertisement agency as per the market demand.

Do you have any expansion plans?

The brand has expansion plans lined up and various initiatives are being taken to expand services within the state, with emphasis on new technology and skilled human resources. Even in the major cities and districts of the state, separate units are functioning to provide quality services.

What will be your advice for the new entrants in this profession?

While there is enough demand in this business, perseverance, hard work and integrity should be given more importance. Similarly, advertisers have to give utmost importance to transparency and punctuality along with quality services in their business. Both in business and behaviour, one must be polite and patient.

How do you focus on customer satisfaction?

We always strive to provide quality services with transparency and integrity in business. We are also committed to delivering on our commitments and provide best customer services in the market.

How do you see the competition in the industry?

Without competition in business, there is no incentive to work systematically. Every industry has its own competition and we like to work in a competitive atmosphere. As a result, the customer also gets more than expected.

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