he pandemic was not all that gloom and doom time for all. For some, it brought in its stride challenges to learn cost-effective management and crisis management. It also taught people how to manage recovery from such a crisis. A unique take on the global health disaster. Siddharth Garg, Director of Gargson Group, speaks to Orissa POST about the many challenges and the opportunities Covid-19 threw up. Excerpts of an interview.

How do you see the pandemic, a challenge or opportunity?

Pandemic was a big challenge for everybody but it was also an opportunity for us. Challenge because revenue was hampered and the future was unpredictable; car buying is the last resort of purchase.  It was also an opportunity because, it boosted cost effective management, crisis management, it opened the gate when you learn the aspect of business which nobody has ever thought of. It was also an opportunity to manage how you can revive from such crisis.

How do you see the competition in the market?

The competition is always there but you do hard work and work on good ethics. If you are satisfying the customers we will always gain support from the customers. You will not have to run to market, people will come to you as they know that they are having good service. Because of my father and grandfather I got references. People came from several parts for any kind of deal. You may fail in your business but don’t fail in value system. If you don’t fail in value systems, you will recover again.

What is there shortage of supply?

The lack of supply is a part issue. We have demand but these are shot terms. Not long term.  We are smart enough to handle such short term issues. If you are worried about that, you are not planning for the long term. We have seen production getting improved from the manufacturers.

What is your vision?

My vision is to satisfy and keep our customers happy in terms of sales and services.

Key mantra of success

There is no mantra but there is certain thing you need to look at. You should have a right attitude for doing a business. Attitude for business and attitude for service is different. Attitude for business is risk taking but attitude for service is not risk taking. The mindset is also very important. In business you will have a lot of negativity, but you have to have a positive mind. I feel, you should have ethics and a value system and it will ensure that you are successful. Most of the entrepreneurs lack patients, but they should acquire that as there is not short cut to success. The vision and goal setting needs to be there.

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