In a competitive business environment, scaling new heights is not a cakewalk. However, dogged pursuit for achieving something and efforts in that direction do yield desired results. This was proven by managing director of Aakash Motors Pvt Ltd, Bargarh Aakash Agrawal, who started his two-wheeler showroom in 1999 that now has a sizeable customer base through quality service and a customer-centric approach. In an interview with Orissa POST, Agrawal shares his business experience and speaks about the challenges and future of the automobile industry in India…

What are the key challenges affecting the Indian automobile industry?

A host of issues including new environmental safety regulations, fuel price hikes, and liquidity crunch are affecting the growth rate of the Indian automotive sector. The global shortage of semiconductors has further crippled the automobile industry and also caused an escalation of prices to new heights making it difficult for people to buy new vehicles.

How can two-wheeler sales and services be improved in the automobile industry?

Quality service, a customer-centric approach, and digitally advanced dealerships are some of the major thrust areas to boost sales. We have always maintained a good relationship with our customers. Easy access to loans at the showroom itself will boost purchases. Hiring good salespersons can be a game changer. A slew of products can also help in enhancing the footfall in the stores. As far as providing good service is concerned, the availability of parts is a must for any service center.

How has been your journey in Aakash Motors so far?

It has been a wonderful journey since 1999 when Aakash Motors was launched. There are many good stories during the journey. We have created a significant customer base in Bargarh and adjacent districts through good customer relationships and post-sales services.

Your take on the electric vehicle (EV) market?

Switching EVs from vehicles using fossil fuel is very significant because it will protect our future. Petrol or diesel vehicles are highly polluting and are being quickly replaced by EVs that are more efficient and non-polluting. Even if you factor in the electricity cost of charging an EV, it is still cheaper than filling petrol or diesel for your travel requirements. Using renewable energy sources can make the use of EVs more eco-friendly.

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