Balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are the necessary prerequisites to stay fit. But in our country, traditionally trained doctors have been using the principles of Ayurveda since ages to achieve this much-desired combination of diet and lifestyle. And the new generation is now drawn to Ayurvedic medicines as they don’t have any side effects. To understand the diverse facets of this new trend, Orissa POST speaks to Odisha Ayurved Bhawan managing director and Ayurvedic practitioner Manoj Kumar Das…

Tell us about your childhood?

I was born in Jamshedpur and spent most of my childhood there at my grandfather Gokulanand Das’s house. Later, I stayed in Cuttack, where also I studied at Railway Settlement High School and Choudwar College.

How were the initial days of your professional life?

I was working in private sector after my higher studies. During that period I came in contact with Justice Radhacharan Pattnaik whose good wishes and advices prompted me to pursue Ayurveda. My family members had also prodded me to work in the Ayurvedic institution founded by my grandfather. And honestly, I felt that I was slowly gravitating towards Ayurvedic pharmacy. That’s how my professional life began.

How has been the journey of Odisha Ayurved Bhawan?

Odisha Ayurved Bhawan was established in 1942 by my grandfather Banamali Das, a well-known Ayurvedic practitioner. At the institution, he wanted to treat patients with Ayurvedic medicines prepared through Vedic tradition. We gained recognition as a reputed institution by securing the trust of the people and taking inspiration from their enthusiasm. Ever since the institution was founded, we have left no stones unturned in providing the best service to the people, who have always appreciated the quality of the medicines produced and tested in our labs. Now, we are marketing these products using modern packaging techniques. It’s a matter of pride that our medicines are getting a good foothold not only in Odisha but also in neighboring West Bengal, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.

How is the demand for Ayurvedic medicines in this age of advanced healthcare?

Ayurvedic principles, since Vedic period, have been providing us with treatments that don’t have any side effects for which we can say that Ayurveda is something that offers scientific treatment procedures. Currently, national level exams are being conducted to select students for Ayurvedic courses. Recently, the curricula have been developed for graduate and post-graduate studies (BAMS and MD/MS) in Ayurveda. Initiatives by AYUSH Ministry have also contributed immensely to the development of Ayurveda.

How is the market demand for your drugs?

We are getting very good response to our drugs from the market. We at Ayurved Bhawan are producing and distributing more than 150 kinds of medicines for diseases like indigestion, constipation, joint pain and others.

Tell us about your future plans? 

We are aiming at establishing a school for advanced education in Ayurvedic medicines in Odisha. Efforts are on to involve more farmers in cultivation of medicinal plants so that higher pharmaceutical standard is met and in the long run agriculture sector in the state would get a major boost. Simultaneously, it will help spur economic growth.

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