Nirmalya Group of Hotels, one of the oldest and most sought after addresses for travellers in Berhampur City, is well-known for its hospitality and comfort stay. Santosh Kumar Padhy (Partho), the founder and owner of Nirmalya Group of Hotels, began his entrepreneurial journey in 2003 with a budget family hotel, Hotel Nirmalya, which has now grown into a successful chain of five hotels in the Silk City. At present, Santosh is the Secretary of the Ganjam District Hotel Association and President of the Ganjam District Restaurant Association. He believes his postgraduate education from Harvard Institute of Management and Technology has been instrumental in shaping his business strategies. In an interaction with Orissa POST, Santosh talks about his experience in the sector, and upcoming projects.

Having firmly established in the business, what are your unique selling points?

Our unique selling points include dedication, a strong focus on customer feedback, a robust online presence, and a commitment to delivering exceptional service. These elements have been crucial in establishing and maintaining our reputation in the hospitality sector.

How do you face the surging competition in the industry?

While we have achieved significant success, we acknowledge and actively address challenges such as hiring and retaining staff, housekeeping efficiency, adapting to changing guest expectations, and handling operational issues.

There must be varying expectations of the customers from your organisation. How do you meet their demands and grievances?

Our approach of customer interaction revolves around understanding our guests, effective communication, and delivering on our promises and commitments. This ensures a personalised and positive experience for each guest.

Do you have any expansion plans in the pipeline?

We have an exciting project coming up in Gopalpur – a 3-star property, in collaboration with Sterling Holiday Resorts. Additionally, we are in discussions with various prominent groups for setting up a full-fledged resort at Tampara in Chhatrapur.

As an entrepreneur, what would be your advice for newcomers in the business?

Good customer service is paramount in any field, more so in hospitality industry. As a core principle, we prioritise exceptional customer service. Our team undergoes continuous training to update communication skills and problem-solving strategies specific to guest services. Excellent guest service means hotels keep on getting repeat guests. While many hotels are struggling, the ones that stand out are those which value their guests.

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