Narayani Motors was established in Bhubaneswar in 2005.  Over the last 15 years, the company has been recognised as a popular brand for its products and post-sale services. Now the company has many showrooms across the state. During an interaction with Orissa POST, owner of the company Purshotam Budhraja talks about the journey.

How has the journey of Narayani Motors been so far?

Narayani Motors started with a low budget but now it has achieved several milestones during the last 15 years. I believed in hard-working to achieve success. True relationship with our customers and meeting the customers’ demands are the mantra of our company.

Effects of the pandemic

We saw zero demand from the beginning of the financial year 2020-21 till October due to the pandemic and the lockdown. However, since November, 2020 business has been picking its pace. We hope that company’s target may be achieved in the current fiscal which were unable to do during the last financial year.

Plans for financial year 2021-22

We aim to develop our showrooms in this fiscal and also supply our products as per the customers’ demand.  We have lined up several lucrative offers for our customers. We have also planned to open new showrooms in the state.

Your opinion on Budget 2021

We are happy with the Budget. It was presented aiming at growth of industries that were facing severe losses. The Budget will also generate demand in the market. I hope for the best.

What are the USPs of your company and what models are available in your showroom now?

Automobile business is a special genre of business. This is run keeping in sight the interests of families and the youth. Narayani Motors is a household name in the state.  Customers have deep faith and confidence is us. That is why NM is dedicated to the service of our customers. Our inventory has models for all categories of customers such as men, women, senior citizens and especially youth. Similarly, we supply models based on the demand and likes of customers.

NM is a very familiar showroom in the state. Who will you give the credit for its success?

There are a large number of people behind its success. In my reckoning, success should not be measured by the metrics of customers’ love and business volume. The showroom should have a large variety of brands to cater for all categories of customers. Customer relationship, post sales service, discounts to customers are the key to drive growth.  Similarly, a major reason of our success is our hard work, planning and formation of a roadmap and religious implementation of the roadmap are the major factors of our success. Also, the key to find business success is based on retaining the faith and goodwill of our customers.

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