When it’s about Bajaj two-wheelers, Jamuna Bajaj is a household name in Angul and Dhenkanal. In an interview with Orissa POST, its owner Girija Sankar Agarwal speaks on a host of issues related to the automobile sector and his three decades of journey in the two-wheeler market.

How did you step into two-wheeler market?

It was in 1988 when we entered the two-wheeler market with Luna dealership. In 1991, we came across an advertisement for Bajaj dealership and expressed our interest for it. Finally, we launched our first Bajaj showroom in Angul February 9, 1992.

How was the response to it?

In the 1990s, owning a Bajaj scooter was a matter of pride, especially for the middle-class, as it was more than just a mode of transport. Although there was a heavy demand for scooters, we could not meet it owing to liquidity crunch. Getting loan from a bank those days was a Herculean task. Later, we managed to get cash credit from a lender and things became smoother. The demand for scooters witnessed a downward trend between 1997 and 2000 as customers were more attracted by the charm for motorcycles. Keeping in mind the market trend, Bajaj came up with motorcycles. And they did really well.

How has been the market after Covid?

The pandemic has dealt a blow to almost all sectors. In a bid to help customers, we have increased the warranty and service periods of vehicles and spare parts bought just before the pandemic-induced lockdowns. Now, the business is slowly returning to the pre-pandemic levels.

What issues have been troubling the automobile industry?

Automobile industry has been facing shortage of raw materials and semiconductors. As a result, vehicle price has been witnessing a rise for at least twice or thrice a year. This has definitely been a challenge for sales.

How sales and services can be increased in the sector?

Customer relationship is the key to increase in sales and services in almost all sectors.

How has been the journey of Jamuna Bajaj?

It has been a beautiful journey so far. Now, we are dealing in premium segment motorcycles. The cooperation from family and staffers has always been a plus for us. We still have many employees who have been working with us from the very first day. We get so many repeat customers, thanks to our services all through these years.

What are your business expansion plans?

This generation has no time to come to the city and purchase a vehicle. So, we are planning to set up sub-dealer points in every block. Efforts are on to offer better sales and services. We are getting good response in Parjang and Kamakhyanagar of Dhenkanal.

How do you spend leisurely hours?

My morning time is devoted to yoga and pranayam. I like to watch television with family, and a day in a week is always reserved for friends. I visit temple with family and friends Thursdays.

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