Carcinova Cancer Hospital is a centre of excellence for comprehensive cancer care services at Cuttack in Odisha. It was started in May 2020 by a group of highly experienced oncologists from Odisha under the leadership of Dr Kshitish Chandra Mishra with an objective to make cancer treatment affordable and accessible to the people of the state and eastern India. The hospital has emerged as a landmark healthcare destination for the people under the guidance of Dr Prangyan Paramita Mishra, director, Carcinova Cancer Hospital. In a conversation with Orissa POST, Dr Prangyan shares her journey.

What are the challenges behind running a cancer hospital in Odisha?

Among many challenges that the healthcare industry is facing, regulations and access to finance are the most prominent ones. Access to finance is important for entrepreneurs in general, but even more so in healthcare sector. Longer timelines and higher levels of requirements to obtain funding are often an insurmountable obstacle for the industry. To promote innovation in the health sector, it is important to strike an appropriate regulatory balance. While regulation is necessary to protect patients and to ensure that only safe and high-quality services enter the market, excessive regulation can stifle innovation.

What is your speciality among other cancer hospitals in the state?

Carcinova Hospital focuses on bringing in humane care, commitment and contribution as our core values and in our way of treating patients. As we are completely doctor-owned, the hospital shares no corporate association aid in keeping the patient’s interest paramount. We are also proud to introduce Halcyon Radiotherapy facility in Odisha and eastern India. It is the most effective, safe and non-toxic cancer treatment available and makes an impact on the way a patient is managed. We are proud of providing dedicated, successful and satisfactory cancer care with contemporary state-of-the-art technology. We provide seamless cancer care under one roof through our services including diagnostics, therapies including surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology and nuclear medicine.

How has your journey been so far?

Carcinova is one of the newest cancer hospitals in the state. We started it with the vision to bring in specialised and affordable world-class cancer treatment close to home. We aim to set a new benchmark in cancer care through consistent research and development. Our forte is cancer prevention through awareness, diagnosis, imaging and treatment from the trustworthy hands of largest oncologists’ conglomerate from all premier institutes of India.

What advice will you give to the new entrants trying their luck in healthcare?

Healthcare is a tricky business. In my opinion, bearing a sense of responsibility reflects risk-taking capacity and it is the most important attribute of an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. One also has to perform a variety of managerial functions like determination of business objectives, service analysis, market research, organisation of sales, procuring equipment and material, recruitment of clinical and non-clinical people and undertaking of business operations. You need to closely work with patients and understand the challenges they go through.

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