Maintaining positive outlook is key to succeed in business, says Tarini Prasad Mohanty, managing director of Naibuga Iron and Manganese Mines in Keonjhar, in an interaction with Orissa POST…

Mining industry is at a sweet spot and witnessing growth year-on-year. How has your journey been so far?

It is a complex journey of attempts, activity, and sincerity. I applied for Naibuga Iron and Manganese Mines in Keonjhar district in the year 1991. It took almost two decades for a grant of the lease and I got it in the year 2009. After two consecutive years of preparation and formalities, the extraction of the minerals started in 2011. The journey has never been easy.

What steps are being taken to boost production and growth?

Appropriate steps are being taken to improve production by increasing our efficiency in labour, equipment, and teamwork besides many other factors big and small. We focus on proper mine planning and growth of efficiency through technology for operational excellence and an increase in production. When a new process is adopted, we measure, monitor and optimise it.

Are there any expansion plans?

At the onset of our mining operation, our business was limited to the country. Slowly we expanded it and entered into export. Outlook comes with experience which is very important in business. We are expanding ourselves in various components of business like market study, marketing strategy, organisation, and management. We also focus on purchasing new assets with new technology, entering into new markets, increasing average transaction value, and retaining customers’ frequency of business deals. Attention is being given to improve our online presence. A proper roadmap that defines our business strategy and expansion is being followed.

What would be your advice for the newcomers?

It is high time to introduce modern technology in the mining sector. One should follow the mining rules and regulations very strictly to avoid setbacks and sincerely address challenges pertaining to climate, environment, and geopolitics.

Mining companies are facing a lot of difficulties in recent times like environmental concerns. What do you think needs to be done to ensure smooth functioning?

It has now become an issue of human survival. To minimise dust generation with wet drilling is practical. The dust suppression system is fitted to drilling machines. We try to maintain sustainability by adopting new mining techniques, eco-friendly equipment, regulated use of water and electricity and very carefully using it as a non-renewable resource. As a major concern of human interest, water sprinkling on roads and regular plantations in the locality and around selected places are routine duties beyond any doubt.

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