Odisha witnessed the impact of Covid-19 towards the end of 2019-20 academic year. Till date, the education system as well as the classroom teaching has not been normal. Since CV Raman Global University is equipped with all modern technologies and facilities, the pandemic did not affect its education much. However, the situation has affected the quality of education as well as the students’ mentality. The institution tried its best to deal with the crisis through online education, said CV Raman Global University founder president Sanjib Rout in an interview with Orissa POST.

What are your plans for 2021-22 academic year?

This year, we will go for more advanced technologies in education. We have planned to introduce world-class teaching at CV Raman Global University. The students of at least 17 countries have their association with our institute. Eminent faculty members from several countries have agreed to teach our students. Education is not about getting jobs, it is the other name of improving society. Our motto is to create good human beings. We have the confidence and best wishes of the parents and guardians.

How did the pandemic affect the employees of your institution?

The pandemic created a sense of panic among our employees across all categories. We had assured them that no one would lose his/her job. They were encouraged to do their best for the institution. However, the pandemic created a distance among us for a few months. The situation is improving now.

What are the provisions for education in the current Budget?

The Budget 2021-22 is expected to strengthen the education system in the country. The government has tabled a multi-purpose Budget to improve the education system as well as the entire economy.

Your views on technical institutes in Bhubaneswar

We have to change our mentality for the development of educational institutes. We should focus on our improvement instead of targeting others. An institute can achieve success by utilising the capacity of its students for the welfare of the society.

To whom would you attribute the success of CV Raman Group?

We have the blessings of the almighty and the cooperation of our well-wishers. The dedication and love of our employees as well as the cooperation of the guardians have played a major role in this regard. Our competitors have also some contributions to our development. Hard work, strong determination and good public relations are the secrets of our success.

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