A meritorious student, who devoted himself to social activities, imbibed the thought of how the future generation can reap the benefits of the efforts through ancient Gurukul system of education and finally started Times Scholars Gurukul (TSG) in 20th century. Chairman-cum-founder of the institution Sarada Prasad Mishra shares with Orissa POST his life’s ups and downs as he succeeds in helping the institution reach the zenith of success.

How could the imagination of an educational institution take birth when you were engaged in social work?

We were quite familiar with Bhubaneswar as it is my birthplace. I was very much involved in political and social activities along with my studies. Gradually, certain things like creating something new struck me which triggered the birth of a different kind of educational institution. The first-ever Gurukulbased educational institution started in the City at a time when the 20th-century educational system was on the wane. The institution started after much deliberation, difficulties and hard work.

How useful is the present education system to the student community?

The system of educating children is heading in a different direction. Both parents and institutions are worried about good marks. They are never concerned about the fact that skill development is equally essential apart from sheer theoretical knowledge.

Good career apart, parents/guardians want their children to be good human beings. Reform in the education sector is very much essential failing which the future of the students, in race for good marks, may be pushed into uncertainty. We have to impart the kind of education which the child wants.

How do you see the National Education Policy (NEP) and what would be its impact on Odisha?

The student reaches a certain destination after completing long years of education. But the NEP we are talking about is quite different. The new policy has the mechanism to adopt an education system that can help in development of every sector. As an educationist, I think it will be premature to discuss in detail about the policy which is yet to be implemented.

How unique is TSG and why should a parent opt for it?

All educational institutions are equal, but still, there are some differences. But TSG is an institution that never compares itself with others. Other than academics and boarding or day boarding facilities, there is much more the Gurukul offers. Even the child can experience another home here. The institution provides all the facilities to improvise the quality of the students which include culture, social etiquettes and various skill sets. Also, the students and the teachers work together towards getting better results in the examinations, which is lacking in other institutions. TSG students seem quite cultured even after having higher degrees. There are several examples of such students, for which many parents are interested to send their children to our institution without any hesitation.

How do you manage such an institution of a difference in the competitive market?

Nowadays, competition is seen in every sector. Although it is difficult to manage the institution in such an environment, the institution is marching ahead because of its unique environment and its interest in education.

Brief us about your future plans.

Human mind always wavers. Many of the wishes remain unfulfilled but desires never settle down. Now, under the Times group, there is TSG, Sai Saburi Nursing & Health Science College and a medium-scale Sai Saburi Hospital. Infrastructure development at these facilities is on war footing to develop them. Also, we are planning to develop a ‘Shantiniketan’ or a pleasant home for elderly people of every class.

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