Ramawatar Agrawala was born in a well-established business family in Jatni under Khurda district. He spent his childhood days with his father surrounded by a business environment. After the completion of his higher studies in Commerce, he ventured into developing his own business. With an enormous experience and knowledge of customer satisfaction, Ramawatar Agrawala, managing director of Shri Balaji Incense Industries (Madhukunj) achieved a special place in the local market. He has successfully created a brand that is known to every house in the state for its quality. In a conversation with Orissa POST, Agrawala shares his journey in the incense sticks market.

 How is the demand of incense sticks in Odisha market?

The incense sticks market is surging in the state in terms of demand. Even the trust of customers towards the brand has shown constant growth. At Madhunkunj, we give more importance to trust and transparency. We have been trying our best to launch diverse and quality products to meet the demand.

What are the raw materials required for production?

The production of incense sticks may look easy but it requires a range of raw materials and modern technology to manufacture quality products and to maintain the identity and presence of the brand. To prepare best quality products, we need special bamboo, coal, gicate powder and various liquid materials.

While manufacturing, how much importance do you give to processing?

We have always focused on manufacturing quality products. In the process of manufacturing, we give specific importance while selecting raw materials. During preparation we keep our products under strict supervision. While processing, skilled workforce and modern technology are required the most.

How do you face the customer demand and grievances?

In the market, the demand of the brand is ever-rising. We always give priority to customer and market demands. As our customers are important to us, we do our business with complete trust and with the belief that we are giving the best services. To solve customer queries and grievances, we have opened a special helpline and are going to launch other platforms for the same. We have appointed an experienced marketing team to take cognisance of such matters.

Do you have any expansion plans?

To expand according to the market demand is a significant step for any business. Currently, we have our presence all over Odisha and other prominent states like West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. We are also planning to expand our business to states like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Being a successful entre preneur, what suggestions do you have for newbies who want to enter this industry?

In recent times, doing a business may look like a better profession to become successful. But to sustain in an industry like this, one must have courage, strength, patience and honesty. It doesn’t matter if you have all the facilities and cooperation in all stages, you still need to work hard and provide quality products while maintaining good customer relationship.

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