Fast Communication is one of the leading advertising outfit having its operations and offices in major cities of India. Evolved with the core ethos of optimising clients’ brand building initiatives, the agency has grown with its clients and has made rapid strides since its inception in 2006. The entrepreneur behind this organisation, Trinayan Rath, proprietor of Fast Communication, started his journey as a journalist but today, with his efforts and dedication he has made his mark in the advertising industry. In an interview with Orissa POST, Rath shares his entrepreneurial journey.

What is the role of advertising agency in Odisha market?

Advertising agencies have significant role in Odisha market. Even as the number of advertisements is increasing day by day, the demand of established advertising agencies in the market is also increasing in proportion. As quality service is given more importance these days, the position of the organisation has to be strengthened by prioritising brand establishment.

What makes your brand unique in the market?

While there are many advertising agencies in the market, we prefer to show our work rather than expecting the client to opt for us. We never say ‘no’ to customers and make sure they are always satisfied with our work. We always give priority to providing quality service and meeting the needs of the customers.

How was your transition from media sector to media management?

In the 1990s, Odisha media was relatively underdeveloped. At that time, I completed my higher education in journalism from IGNOU. Then I started working as a representative in a newspaper at primary stage. Because of an opportunity lined up with my passion I started working in media management (advertising work) in 2009 after working for 15 years in both newspaper and television world.

Does the brand have any business expansion plans?

In business, reputation and presence act like two sides of a coin. Accordingly, there is a need for business expansion. Currently, we have a brand presence in major markets like Odisha, Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati, Jaipur, Chennai and Hyderabad, while we are planning to expand our branches in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore in the coming days.

As an entrepreneur, what is your suggestion for the aspiring youth?

Today’s youth lacks tolerance and patience. As this sector carries out responsible and important work, we need to be prepared accordingly and efficiently. Also there is a need for experienced human resources.

How important is customer satisfaction?

While the customer satisfaction is paramount in any line of business, we give priority to meeting their needs and demands.

How do you see the competition in the industry?

Competition exists at all levels and businesses. However, competition among advertising agencies is of a different type. To stay ahead of the curve, we always focus on providing quality service.

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